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Bus Bar

The most important part of any electrical system are the connectors which keep the current flowing. At Flex-Cable, our bus bars provide exactly what you need to power up your system. Flex-Cable is a leading provider of bus bar solutions for all types of battery connections. We can design and create bus bars using a variety of materials to meet all customer specifications. 

Let us solve your battery and capacitor conductor routing and space problems! Flex-Cable bus bars provide:

Quality is our number one concern so each completed unit is dimensionally checked and hi-pot tested before shipping.

Simplicity is key. One piece construction eliminates the possibility of failure due to crimped connections. Installations are quick and easy with the ability to bend & route around the battery.

Economy - Reduced costs compared to solid bus bars & cables

Safety - Reduce hazard to personnel with our insulated, protective sleeve covering

Reliability - Reduce flashovers & short circuits that damage equipment

Functionality - Reduces volume of battery pack and BDU

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Copper Stamping

Please check back for documentation. Contact us at 1-800-245-3539, or request a quote below.

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Custom Cable

Flex-Cable’s high quality and delivery levels as well as advanced engineering provide our customers with solutions to specific applications.

Cable Assemblies: Multi-colored, discrete wire or specially engineered wire are integrated into a finished cable assembly or wire harness. Flex-Cable presently supplies products to the automotive, robotic, heavy equipment, telecommunications and other commercial fields.

Panel Building: Either standard or custom; we meet all N.E.M.A. and I.P. specifications.
Cable and Wire: We stock a full line of cable and wire jacketing, PVC, PUR, rubber, teflon, TPE and TPR special specifications, supplied to all commercial and individual needs. We offer circular and rectangular as well as process molded.

Patented Process Molded: Full line of custom process molded cable, circular, rectangular, servo, encoder, motor coupler – engineering plastics. Present users: Medical, Robotic, Food and Automotive industries.

Flex-Cable specializes in Qwik-Change, S-Series, M-Series and H-Series assemblies for robotics and automotive. Flex-Cable’s high quality and delivery levels as well as advanced engineering provide our customers with solutions to specific applications

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Folder Flex-Comm


HMI Cabling System

Cat 6 ethernet and 18 conductor 18 AWG control in ONE CABLE.


  • Run one cable instead of two.
  • Makes assembly/disassembly faster, simpler and less expensive without the need for skilled technicians.
  • Pre-wiring speeds up machine assembly.


  • Connector covers allow disconnecting machine components during equipment washdown.
  • Straight and 90° connector housings are available.
  • Hygenic connectors available.


  • IP65/69 connector housings are sealed, insulated, self-extinguishing thermoplastic (no powder coating).
  • UL/CSA Cable is flex-rated.

Folder Furnace Product

Furnace Product

Flex-Cable’s water cooled flexible power cables, high current electrical bus systems, delta closures, bus tubes, electrode holders and other specialty copper components as well as our repair capabilities are recognized worldwide as the best of the best.


The furnace power lead cables are manufactured with 100% conductivity stranded copper wire and available in sizes 70-2500 MCM. The cable is then encased in an abrasion resistant engineered external rubber hose with a 15,000 volt dieletric rating. Contract machining and fabrication of copper electrode holders, terminals, tuyeres, adapters, buss systems and Delta closures as well as stainless steel, fixtures, die repair and mast arms are available.

Flex-Cable specializes in machining copper and other non-ferrous materials. Welding services provided include SMAW, gas welding, flame cutting, plasma cutting, GTAW, GMAW, gouging and silver brazing. Metallic materials include: copper, stainless steel, steel, monel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Composites include: Kevlar, fiberglass, teflon, runner, polyester (spun and mono), nylon and Romex.

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Folder Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Please check back for documentation. Contact us at 1-800-245-3539, or request a quote below.

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Folder Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Please check back for documentation. Contact us at 1-800-245-3539, or request a quote below.

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Folder Motion Control Cables Draft

Motion Control Cables

Flex-Cable is constantly working to engineer special cables and systems for motion control applications. These cables – both Flexing and Non-Flexing – and their systems make the interconnection of complex mechanical and electrical components simpler and reliable.

With a product line ranging from the traditional flexing Servo, Extension and Box Mounting Cables – now available in a non-flexing cable – as well as Break Out Boards, Transition Cables, Fiber Optic Cables and I/O fanout Cables we are sure to have you covered.

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Folder Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding

As a leader in the resistance welding cable and accessory field, Flex-Cable is a major supplier to the global automobile industry and holds a strong presence with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the appliance, electronic, and consumer related product industries.

In today’s world of rapid growth and high technology, where a product can be here today and gone tomorrow; service, quality and technology are the key assets which separate the few from the many. For more than 55 years, Flex-Cable has developed these assets in order to be recognized as a leader in Resistance Welding Cable technology.

Flex-Cable offers exceptional design, assembly and energy. Our Resistance Welding Cables are low maintenance and provide a longer cable life. Size for size, the conductor arrangement gives approximately 10% more current for a given applied voltage than other available cable types.

Flex-Cable Resistance Welding Cables are created in one of two ways.

The Standards Process

Patented process with a six rope alternate polarity utilizing a unique, low wear point wire rope design. Providing the lowest inductive reactance and lowest impedance with the highest electrical power factor of all cables in today’s market place. The positive cooling paths maximize thermal efficiency and special water passageways reduce terminal heating.

Color-Flex Resistance Welding Cable

The Color-Flex Resistance Welding Cable jacket is made up of a specially formulated, six layer, natural rubber compound with an abrasion resistant bumper as an integral part of the jacket, making it completely durable to overcome distress and flexure.

Complex Resistance Welding Cable

Available in both Standard and Flex-cel Process, these Resistance Welding Cables are made of specially designed rubber jacketing with ergonomics in mind, offering individually wrapped internal copper ropes with a perforated protective sleeve, which would improve water flow, decrease operating temperature and improve flexibility.

The Flex-cel Process

State-of-the-art, patent-pending process which incorporates a specially extruded ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber material covering each individual conductor rope within the cable. Then punched with symmetrical cooling channels to capture and isolate broken strands of copper wire to prevent cooling system contamination and obstructed water flow. Vortex water flow action causes increased heat transfer, resulting in higher cooling efficiency. The concept occupies less volume than standard separator cables resulting in increased flexibility as well as additional water volume to alleviate heat.

American Power Resistance Welding Cable

Combined with proper dress out and a good preventative maintenance program, this Resistance Welding Cable will virtually eliminate down time. The interior construction and outer hose make this cable a hard worker and a true value.

Euro-Flex Resistance Welding Cable

These Resistance Welding Cables have a rugged urethane outer jacket allowing for the combined advantage of safety, abrasion-resistance and long cable life into one unique design. Perforations and flow space between the wire and material create a sufficient Thermally Forced Cooling System.

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Folder Robot Dress

Robot Dress

Robo Dress provides a platform to control and organize power, air and water for robotics, as well as other applications. Robo Dress is tailor-made to fit your specific needs. This technology helps create an innovative technological system for your industrial needs. The end result is minimal maintenance and less down time.

To assist you with your efforts, we offer the following products:

  • Clamps
  • Grommets
  • Building Blocks and Brackets
  • Mig Assemblies
  • Boom Bar Mounting
  • Robot Mounting
  • Manifolds
  • Protection, Assemblies and Accessories

The newest member to the Robo Product Line is our Sprint Retract Dress Package… Check it out in the Robo Section on our Download page!

Please contact us today for additional information.

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Folder Wire Harnesses

Wire Harnesses

From the very simple to the highly complex, Flex-Cable is your go-to source for Custom Electrical and Electronic Wire Harnesses. Our Flexible Manufacturing Systems make us the ideal supplier of low to medium quantity jobs.

Whether your product is static or mobile, we specialize in design, reverse engineering, build, testing, and certification of the wire harnesses that run it.

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