Folder Robot Dress

Robot Dress

Robo Dress provides a platform to control and organize power, air and water for robotics, as well as other applications. Robo Dress is tailor-made to fit your specific needs. This technology helps create an innovative technological system for your industrial needs. The end result is minimal maintenance and less down time.

To assist you with your efforts, we offer the following products:

  • Clamps
  • Grommets
  • Building Blocks and Brackets
  • Mig Assemblies
  • Boom Bar Mounting
  • Robot Mounting
  • Manifolds
  • Protection, Assemblies and Accessories

The newest member to the Robo Product Line is our Sprint Retract Dress Package… Check it out in the Robo Section on our Download page!

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Folder Boom Bar & Robot Mounting

Boom Bar & Robot Mounting

In a variety of mediums, sizes and styles our Mounting Products are designed to aid in the placement of your cables.

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Folder Building Blocks & Brackets

Building Blocks & Brackets

Blocks for mounting Clamps or Boom Bars, Plates and Brackets as well as Adaptors and Swivel connectors to maximize your Robo Dress Assembly.

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Folder Clamps


A variety of Clamp designs - from our own Quick-Change Clamp to the options of Urethane or Aluminum - your sure to find a clamp to fit your needs.

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Folder Grommets


Our Grommets are made of either Urethane or UHMW and are used in our Quick Change Clamps to hold a variety of hoses, wires and/or tubes.

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Folder MIG Assemblies

MIG Assemblies

Please check back for documentation. Contact us at 1-800-245-3539, or request a quote below. 

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Folder Robot Dress Packages

Robot Dress Packages

Robot Dress Solutions offering maximum cable and wiring protection with minimal labor providing increased cable life and decreased downtime.

Spring Re-Tract Robotic Dress-Out Retracting System

  • 24” of travel clearance
  • Holds a bundle up to 4.5”
  • Ambidextrous mounting on a variety of robots

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