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A Northern Cable and Automation Company, LLC.

FLEX-CABLE was founded in 1961 and constructed its first plant in Troy, Michigan near Detroit where we were quickly granted approval by the auto industry to provide various cable products for use in the manufacturing of automobiles. As we continued to grow, we moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Howard City, Michigan near Grand Rapids with our corporate offices in Birmingham, Michigan.

At FLEX-CABLE, we operate at the world class level of engineering and manufacturing capacity because of our ability to increase quality, flexibility, customer service and innovation while decreasing cost and lead time. To achieve these things, we maintain a continuous improvement culture working toward zero defects. Our products are designed to make the flow of electricity more efficient by the reduction of materials, space and time. We work to improve the connectivity industry with accurate, durable, flexible, safe, and reliable products.

Not only are we a local Michigan manufacture but we’re also HUBZone Certified which allows for reduced lead time and intimate customer service. Our local services also offer flexibility to meet customer needs with reliable experts. Short term or long term projects and support in the event of an emergency, our products and services meet customer performance needs and cost targets every time.

For decades, our engineers have led the way in the custom copper cable and resistance welding industries and continue to grow and expand into new markets, industries and product lines. Pushing the boundaries of research and development put Flex-Cable at the forefront of innovation and a key player in the electrical connectivity industry. We have developed numerous proprietary products and process enhancements and continue to incorporate new products into the market as technology and customer needs progress.

FLEX-CABLE has developed cutting edge products for over five decades and will continue to serve its' customers with the best products on the market for hundreds more decades to come. You can trust in that!


Our corporate culture is all about pushing the boundaries. Research, Development and Continuous Improvement are the backbone of our innovations. Our products and technical solutions service many markets from automotive to automation, and healthcare to defense, and a wide variety of others.

FLEX-CABLE was the first within the industry to introduce our patented Pre-Formed Bus Bar Technology for the electric car industry providing low resistance connectivity in a compact space saving package.

FLEX-CABLE developed the Air-Purge Cable (Patent Pending) which introduces dry air or nitrogen under low pressure through the encoder connection and directly into the motor itself, thereby protecting motors from moisture and dirt infusion.

FLEX-CABLE developed bi-polar low impedance/high frequency braided induction cables for use in induction furnace and other induction heating applications.

And, FLEX-CABLE developed the technology to combine power, feedback and brake in a flat cable with a 2.5 inch bend radius for servo motor applications.

There are numerous other examples of FLEX-CABLE’S emphasis on technological innovation in a diversity of applications and industries.


FLEX-CABLE; engineered solutions for cable and bus bar technologies.

Over the past five decades, we have devoted our time and effort toward developing the world’s premier products and services in the realms of industrial cables, battery bus bars, resistance welding, injection molding and metal fabrication. Our highly advanced manufacturing facility, as well as, our highly experienced team, makes all of this possible. Our goal is simple – to provide the industry with tools and solutions that maximize productivity.

At FLEX-CABLE, quality control is exemplary by all standards. This applies to every detail of every product that we manufacture every day. Our total workforce is inspired by and committed to the highest levels of quality at all times and under all conditions. We are ISO 9001 CERTIFIED QMS, with specific product lines meeting the IATF 16949:2016 Quality Standards.

All of our products are backed by our manufacturing defect warranty. Should for any reason, a product be found defected, your product will be repaired and/or replaced free of charge to you in a timely fashion. But trust me, you won't need it!


At FLEX-CABLE our capabilities are global in scope enabling us to conveniently satisfy each and every customer’s needs on a timely basis regardless of where they may be geographically located. In this regard, we are commonly servicing and providing technical solutions for customers throughout the United States as well as those located in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.

But we're not stoping there! The next few years will be essential as we continue to broaden our product lines and enter new markets. Our goals may be ambitious, but we have the vision, resources and talent needed to achieve them.

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A Northern Cable & Automation Company, LLC

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