Folder Furnace Product

Furnace Product

Flex-Cable’s water cooled flexible power cables, high current electrical bus systems, delta closures, bus tubes, electrode holders and other specialty copper components as well as our repair capabilities are recognized worldwide as the best of the best.


The furnace power lead cables are manufactured with 100% conductivity stranded copper wire and available in sizes 70-2500 MCM. The cable is then encased in an abrasion resistant engineered external rubber hose with a 15,000 volt dieletric rating. Contract machining and fabrication of copper electrode holders, terminals, tuyeres, adapters, buss systems and Delta closures as well as stainless steel, fixtures, die repair and mast arms are available.

Flex-Cable specializes in machining copper and other non-ferrous materials. Welding services provided include SMAW, gas welding, flame cutting, plasma cutting, GTAW, GMAW, gouging and silver brazing. Metallic materials include: copper, stainless steel, steel, monel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Composites include: Kevlar, fiberglass, teflon, runner, polyester (spun and mono), nylon and Romex.

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Folder Flex-Link Jumpers

Flex-Link Jumpers

These highly flexible, strap-type leads are used to connect moving electrical components or to take up expansion in buss connections. Special sizes? Inquire with our sales department.

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Folder High Current Furnace Cables

High Current Furnace Cables

Choice of HIGH TEMP resilient rubber for minimizing wire wear or corrugated, non-collapsing core for maximum flexibility - with or without Vulconized Heat Shield protection.

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Folder High Voltage Furnace Cables

High Voltage Furnace Cables

Standard or Custom - Flex-Cable quality is built in from terminal to terminal. Individual conductors peripherally located for maximum geometric mean diameter and low AC/DC resistance ratio minimizing voltage loss.

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Folder Water Cooled Power Leads

Water Cooled Power Leads

Flex-Cable's Water Cooled Power Leads are available in sizes from 70 MCM through 2500 MCM. One hundred percent conductivity stranded copper wire is used throughout. All conductors are encased in an abrasion and temperature resistant external rubber hose with a 15,000 volt dielectric strength

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