Kickless Cables

Kickless Cables

Kickless Cables are flexible, low-maintenance cables offering a longer cable life. Magnetic stresses are essentially eliminated with our six conductor design. Bend and twist are enhanced. Size for size, the conductor arrangement gives approximately 10% more current for a given applied voltage than other available cable types.

Color-Flex Kickless Cable

Standard cable for typical robotic applications. The outside hose has a durable rubber blend outer covering which gives good support for the cable while allowing the cable to bend and twist.

American Power Kickless Cable

The best solution for applications that perform many tight bends and twists. The jacket construction is the same as Color-Flex, while the interior construction is Flex-cel, giving good support and resisting abrasion. While improving flex life, cooling channels trap broken wire strands and prevent plugged water ports.

Euro-Flex Kickless Cable

The best cable for high abrasion situations. This cable has all the benefits of the American Power Cable with the addition of a Polyurethane outer layer on the jacket. Euro-Flex combines all of the advantages of a reinforced rubber hose with the abrasion resistance of urethane and a durable interior creating the highest performing cable ever.

Complex Kickless Cable

The cables excellent ability to bend and twist reduces the ergonomic stress on the gun operator while maintaining the safety of a reinforced rubber tube inside.

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