Bus Bar

Bus Bar

The most important part of any electrical system are the connectors which keep the current flowing. At Flex-Cable, our bus bars provide exactly what you need to power up your system. Flex-Cable is a leading provider of bus bar solutions for all types of battery connections. We can design and create bus bars using a variety of materials to meet all customer specifications. 

Let us solve your battery and capacitor conductor routing and space problems! Flex-Cable bus bars provide:

Quality is our number one concern so each completed unit is dimensionally checked and hi-pot tested before shipping.

Simplicity is key. One piece construction eliminates the possibility of failure due to crimped connections. Installations are quick and easy with the ability to bend & route around the battery.

Economy - Reduced costs compared to solid bus bars & cables

Safety - Reduce hazard to personnel with our insulated, protective sleeve covering

Reliability - Reduce flashovers & short circuits that damage equipment

Functionality - Reduces volume of battery pack and BDU

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