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For over 60 Years, Flex-Cable has been supplying special copper cables to the Resistance Welding industry including Water Cooled Cables, Kickless Cables, and Air Cooled Cables. Our product line now includes standard and custom Copper Shunts, Automation Electronics Cables and Connectors including Motion Control Cables, Food Grade Cables and Fiber Optic Cables, Robotic Dress-out products, Furnace products and special machining allowing us to service companies throughout the world.

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Resistance Welding

As a leader in the resistance welding cable and accessory field, Flex-Cable is a major supplier of Kickless Cables, Water Cooled Cables and Air Cooled Cables as well as tin-plated, copper Shunts. More Details »

Motion Control

Flex-Cable is constantly working to engineer special cables and systems for motion control applications. Our Flexing Cables and Non-Flexing Cables - and their systems - make the interconnection of complex mechanical and electrical components simpler and reliable. More Details »

Robot Dress-Out Products

Robo Dress provides a platform to control and organize power, air and water for robotics, as well as other applications. Robo Dress is tailor-made to fit your specific needs. This technology helps create an innovative technological system for your industrial needs. The end result is minimal maintenance and less down time. More Details »

Furnace and Welding

Flex-Cable's water cooled flexible power cables, high current electrical bus systems, delta closures, bus tubes, electrode holders and other specialty copper components as well as our repair capabilities are recognized worldwide as the best of the best. More Details »

Primary Power Cables

Prime Link IS the cable of the future...specially designed and manufactured conductors for maximum flex life. Every Prime-Link Connection is molded to the cable and incorporates a Strain Relief for extra durability and longer cable life. More Details »

Custom Cable Assemblies

Flex-Cable's commitment to high quality and the fastest turn around time as well as advanced engineering provide our customers with solutions to specific applications. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology for design and development of any customer requirement in a timely and cost effective manner. More Details »

Preventative Maintenance

Decades of engineering experience lend itself to preventing downtime and saving you money. Our field tested equipment - designed to protect your investment and improve performance - is exactly what you are looking for. More Details »